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  • Do I have to buy a set or minimum amount of product?
    No way! You only have to buy what you need! This is also a great way to test new products, without the commitment.
  • Do you make all your products yourself?
    We do make a few items but certainly not most of them! We are proud to support other businesses to keep our store stocked up. We love being able to offer our customers a wide range of products to choose from.
  • Do you have a program for Airbnb’s?
    Yes! We offer a bulk and refill service for Airbnb’s, with a discount based on quantity. We have a variety of products available including refillable bottles, soap, cleaners, shampoo and conditioner. Reach out for more information, we would love to hear from you!
  • Can I bring my own containers?
    Absolutely! We ask that you dry all containers that will be used for powders or oils. See our Fills page here!
  • Do you offer refunds or exchanges?
    Due to the products we sell, we cannot offer exchanges and refunds. If you have purchased a defective item from our shop that isn’t related to personal hygiene or oral care, we are always open to finding a solution that works for everyone! We are committed to customer satisfaction and we realize things happen!
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